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Warrior Teenager


Through story-telling, Mary Lynne connects with her audience, igniting a spark within to create life change.


True Power comes from the heart. It's your personal guidance system. Particpants learn to tap into their True Power to empower themselves through life's ups and downs.


Whether it's a book study group, workshop, or keynote, Mary Lynne incorporates experiential learning into her presentations. The audience learns tips and techniques to develop life skills and positive habits that will last for years to come. 

The truth is suicide, depression, and stress are all real for today’s teenagers and parents of teens. Mary Lynne Fernandez masterfully touches your soul through her expressive style, vivid metaphors, and painting the imagery 

with her analogies and personal stories.

Life can be overwhelming and confusing! This highly interactive program gives you the skills to navigate life’s challenges, overcome personal obstacles, and find purpose in the world.

Perfect for teens, tweens, and even millennials!

Learn Tools & Techniques to:
• Overcome Hurtful Humans, Faulty Friends, and Stressful Situations
• Create your Personal Playlist of Positive Talk
• Achieve Inner-Peace, Calm, and Confidence
• Leverage Your Thoughts and Beliefs to Fuel Your Self-Happiness

*Available as a 3-hour Workshop, Keynote Presentation, Weekend Workshop, and  12-Week Program

What people are saying...

“She is phenomenal. She taught leadership skills at our Youth Summit as the ending keynote speaker.”


Shelly Shipley, Director of Recreation, 
City of Thornton, Colorado

“Mary Lynne made my job easy. She was quick to

 respond to emails, interested in our situation and 

open to ideas. Our youth connected with Mary Lynne’s

 stories and passion. They really got into her presentation and workshop. I can’t wait to have her back to speak to

 our youth again.” 

 Megan Snyder, Education Secretary, 

STAR Academy/DOC-Juvenile Division, South Dakota

What young people say...

"I liked the personal stories that helped describe what teens go through." 

- Kyle, 9th grade

"I liked the tools to calm your mind because I need to calm my mind."

- Olivia, 9th grade

Passion, Purpose, Values, Dreams 

Living the Teen Dream

A fun, experiential, and active presentation with results to take home with you! By the end of this presentation, you will have:

Clear Goals and Action Plan
• A Stress-Reducing Technique that works for YOU
• A Self-Confidence System for staying on track 
Powerful Processes for transforming negative emotions into positive emotions

*Available as a 3-hour Workshop, Keynote Presentation, Weekend Workshop, and  6-Week Program

What young people say...

"I liked learning more about myself and what I need to take care of myself. The soup-can strength topic helped me this week. I didn't really think I need it, but I did. I'm going to try to stay focused on my 'life values.'"

- Stella, 9th grade

"Hopeful and inspiring!"

- Hannah, 8th grade

"Mary Lynne taught us how to calm our mind and stay focused.

I will use these tools in school and life."

- Eli, 7th grade

Parent Power!

Raising a Warrior Teenager

Are you being sucked into your teenager‘s drama?

Frustrated with how your family functions?

Missing the fun you once had?

Parenthood can be challenging during the teenage years.

Participants will walk away from this upbeat program with renewed energy, enthusiasm and expectancy

Learn ways to:
• Ensure constant communication and connection
• Stop the shut-downs, silent treatments, disrespect, and blow-ups
• Generate more peace within yourself and your family
• Have less drama and more family fun

Available as a Keynote Presentation, 3-hour workshop, and 6-week class.

What people are saying...

“We appreciate Mary Lynne’s ability to engage the 

audience and to solicit multiple viewpoints to improve 

communication between parents and students at home.” 

 Mary Ellen Good, Director Migrant Education Program, 

Colorado Department of Education

“Parents were inspired.” 


  Juvenal Cervantes, 
Northern Regional Instructional Program Director, 
Colorado Department of Education,

Migrant Education Program

More Inspired Fans

“I loved Mary Lynne’s positive attitude, she’s so creative and open on a personal level. My biggest takeaway from this presentation and workshop is that I now recognize my positive attributes. As a result of this 

presentation, I will pursue my goals without a doubt.” 

– Evan, 15 years old

“The presentation encouraged me to do what I enjoy doing best. The workshop 

motivated me to get to know myself more and love myself.”
– Sierra, 16 years old

“I learned ways to prevent my child from shutting down.” 
– Karen, parent

“Lots of good information and practical tips.” 
– Anthony, parent

Clients include:

City of Thornton, CO

Centennial Boces Migrant Education

Denver Public Schools

STAR Academy,

South Dakota DOC

Colorado Parks & Recreation Association

Children's Hospital

Denver, CO

Colorado Parent Teacher Association

Parent Engagement Network

  • Private & Public Schools

  • Youth Organizations

  • Universities

  • Parent Groups

  • Conferences

  • Book Clubs

  • Camps

  • Sororities/Fraternities

Read what the schools in Kona, Hawaii had to say:

"Ms. Fernandez spoke to our students in such an uplifting manner. She taught them how to manage their thoughts and calm their minds, giving them relevant information to help them in their personal lives. She was a fantastic speaker, and we are grateful she came to speak with our students."

- Mrs. Johnson

Head of School

Kuleana Education Academy

"Mary Lynne was an engaging and shared great techniques with our students for helping them handle social issues as a teen and pre-teen. She gave real-life stories the students could relate to and had students participate in activities and discussions. Her talk was inspirational and full of useful ideas for students to change their mindset and calm their minds. I also had the opportunity to read her book and think every parent should read this with their teen. It is empowering and a great guide for youth in today's world."

- Dana Kern

Kuleana Education Academy

"I learned how not to get upset. I liked the ideas Mrs. Fernandez shared with us."

- Ana, 11

"Your visit was inspiring!! It was a very positive experience for our students. It showed them that they are not alone, that someone who is an adult experienced some of the things that they are experiencing and that it's okay to open up and share those feelings to get them off their chest and into the open. Thank you for coming into our world and being so open with our kids. Young people and old need all the help, guidance, and assistance that they can get these days and you certainly helped in that arena for them. Mahalo!"

- Bill Armijo

M.S. Counselor

Kealakehe High School

"Your presentation was really inspirational. It opened my eyes and made me realize that it's okay to not be okay. I'm happy that someone decided to talk about this subject. A lot of adults say it's just a phase and you'll get over it but it's really not. Thank you for talking about this."

- Lani, 14

"I thought it was inspiring. It was nice to see someone reassure us and remind us that everything will be okay and that we matter."

- Taylor, 15

Mary Lynne speaks at:

I love what I do so much

that when I go on vacation,

I try to find opportunities to speak.

If you’d like me to present to your audience, contact me below or simply click the "Let's Talk" button below.

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Mary Lynne speaks on the following topics.

Choose what best fits your current situation, and she will personalize a talk for your audience.

  • Overcome hurtful humans, faulty friends, and stressful situations

  • Create a Personal Playlist of positive talk

  • Achieve inner-peace, calm, and confident

  • Leverage your thoughts and beliefs to fuel your self-happiness

  • Suicidal Thoughts & Depression

  • Life Values & Dreams

  • Mind Games

  • Addictions & Coping Mechanisms

  • How to Lessen Stress

  • Judging Others

  • Making Mistakes

  • How to Listen

  • ​Stuffed Emotions & Trauma

  • Mood Shifters

  • Processing Negative Emotions

  • Fear

  • Loving Who You Are

  • Power Depleters & Power Enhancers

  • Winning with Parents

  • Direct & Honest Communication

  • Focus on the Good  & Receiving Compliments

  • Patience, Understanding, & Appreciation

  • Forgiveness

  • Learning to Let it Go

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