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The truth is suicide, depression, and stress are all real for today’s teenagers and parents of teens.
Mary Lynne Fernandez masterfully touches your soul through her expressive style, vivid metaphors, and painting the imagery with her analogies and personal stories.

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Praise for The Warrior Teenager

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Ray Lozano

Drug & Substance Prevention Specialist and Youth Speaker

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Janet Bray Attwood

NY Times Bestselling Author of
The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches

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Harriet Turk

Professional Speaker and Author of 

After The Speech: When Teens Get Real

“I do not know how Mary Lynne Fernandez packed such a fantastic amount of inspiration and insight into her book, “The Warrior Teenager.” Any teen who reads this book is definitely going to benefit from its wisdom. A new standard has been set.”

“Mary Lynne’s book, “The Warrior Teenager,” is the perfect book for teenagers who are struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, feelings of hopelessness and despair. Every chapter is rich in visual images, captivating stories, and most importantly, grounded in practical strategies for teenagers to empower and transform their lives.”

“Through real-life stories, Mary Lynne gives a peek into the teen psyche and shows teenagers that they are not alone when they feel overwhelmed, stressed, and confused about life. She breaks down a wealth of information into a practical step-by-step plan so they can take action to create a life of strength, confidence, and ultimately a life of happiness.”

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"You matter.

Your life matters.

We need you."

~Mary Lynne Fernandez

Hi, I'm Mary Lynne

I went from advertising executive to school teacher, following in the footsteps of my mom and grandma. I knew I wanted to make a difference, but what I didn't know is how my career change would lead me down a path of past hurts needing to be healed and life lessons still needing to be learned. 


I didn't plan on being a middle school teacher, but that is what the universe delivered to me. I will never forget my first day of student teaching. As I walked down the hall, a whirlwind of emotions and memories from my teen years, long-forgotten, but deeply rooted in my subconscious, started to come to the surface.


As easy as it is to remember the good times of my middle and high school years, the reality was stress, suicidal thoughts, and self-sabotage seemed to infiltrate my life at that time, unbeknownst to my friends and family. I hid it very well as do many people do today. 


Service is my Life Passion

Through the years, I have watched and listened to the life challenges of my students. That is why I extended my education beyond an M.A in Curriculum & Instruction to include a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counseling, Life Coach Certification, and Mindfulness, Yoga, Breathwork, and Qigong training.

I have been on a path of self-healing for many years. I have learned to listen, hold space for others, and witness the unfoldment of people as they open to possibility, healing, and self-awareness. It's a true honor to support people along their life journey to teach and share what I have learned on my own healing path.

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Book Review:

"In this world where everything is fast paced and competitive, one can feel a little overwhelmed. They can feel lost in the crowd. They can feel like they are drowning in their inability to measure up to society’s expectations and standards. It is not easy. It is not ideal but it is what it is. There is nothing more to do than equip the future generations with the skills to ignore all the news. The wherewithal to see the standards but not bend to them; the ability to understand that the only standards worth measuring up to are ones set by one’s own self.

Mary Lynne Fernandez, with her extensive experience and brilliance, seeks to do exactly that with this book. She seeks to guide teenagers through life. To arm parents with tools to efficiently and successfully navigate the mucky and turbulent waters that is parenting to teenagers."

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What teenagers are saying...

"I liked how relate-able the book was. I would describe it as a step-by-step guide to get you through the teenage years. I will definitely use the different steps to identify stress."

- Gabrielle, 12

"I like how interactive the book is."

- Jillian, 13

"The biggest takeaway for me was the signs of depression and how to push through them.

As a result of our book study, I will use the techniques to de-stress."

- Audrey, 17


Life can be overwhelming and confusing! This interactive book group gives you the skills to navigate life’s challenges, overcome personal obstacles, and find purpose in the world.

Perfect for teens, tweens, and even millennials!

Learn Tools & Techniques to:
• Overcome Hurtful Humans, Faulty Friends, and Stressful Situations
• Create your Personal Playlist of Positive Talk
• Achieve Inner-Peace, Calm, and Confidence
• Leverage Your Thoughts and Beliefs to Fuel Your Self-Happiness


"Hopeful and inspiring!"

- Hannah, 14

The Warrior Teenager is a life guide for both young people and parents to navigate life’s challenges,

overcome personal struggles, and find purpose in the world.


Through sharing her own story and process of success that she has applied with many,

Mary Lynne gives you practical tools to embrace ‘True Power’ today.

Mary Lynne is a master at touching the reader’s soul through her expressive style, vivid metaphors,

and painting the imagery with her analogies.


Join a Book & Breathwork Group
(Coming Soon)

"Ms. Fernandez spoke to our students in such an uplifting manner. She taught them how to manage their thoughts and calm their minds, giving them relevant information to help them in their personal lives. She was a fantastic speaker, and we are grateful she came to speak with our students."

- Mrs. Johnson

Head of School, Kuleana Education Academy

"I learned how not to get upset. I liked the ideas Mrs. Fernandez shared with us."

- Ana, 11

"Your visit was inspiring!! It was a very positive experience for our students. It showed them that they are not alone, that someone who is an adult experienced some of the things that they are experiencing, and that it's okay to open up and share those feelings to get them off their chest and into the open. Thank you for coming into our world and being so open with our kids. Young people and old need all the help, guidance, and assistance that they can get these days and you certainly helped in that arena for them. Mahalo!"

- Bill Armijo

M.S. Counselor, Kealakehe High School

"I thought it was inspiring. It was nice to see someone reassure us and remind us that everything will be okay and that we matter."

- Taylor, 15


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