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Leverage your Parent Power. Build Self-Confidence. 

Ignite Family Connection. Have Fun Again.

  • 4-week course

  • Video instruction - Guides you through each step

  • Printable downloads
    - Provides notes, reminders, and weekly practices

  • Go at your own pace

  • $44

Independent Online Class

Download and start when you wish. 

Once you purchase this class, you will have full access to instructional videos for one year.

  • Decrease the drama, stress, and arguments 

  • Have more peace and quiet for yourself and your family

  • Increase predictability, family fun, and quality time together

  • Understand what is creating the blocks between you and your teenager

  • Build their self-confidence & self-esteem while increasing yours as a parent

  • Learn strategies to connect with your teenager, so you no longer have to walk on eggshells

What parents are saying...

“Before working with Mary Lynne, I was frustrated. I felt like I had no communication with my kids and I didn't know how to remedy the situation. With Mary Lynne's help, I was able to develop communication skills to listen and appreciate my kids. Things are much better now. Thank you!”

- David, parent

“My husband and I took a class with Mary Lynne. The practice techniques helped us to implement changes in our household that stuck, even with day-to-day situations. We received a lot of practical and valuable information for dealing with our four teenage kids.”

- Lynda, parent

“I took a lot from this class. I learned how to communicate, listen, help, and connect with my son. I didn't realize how much I needed this. Thank you!” 

- Marie, parent

“We appreciate Mary Lynne’s ability to engage the 

audience and to solicit multiple viewpoints to improve 

communication between parents and students at home.” 

Mary Ellen Good

Director Migrant Education Program, 

Colorado Department of Education

“Parents were inspired.” 


  Juvenal Cervantes, 
Northern Regional Instructional Program Director, 
Colorado Department of Education,

Migrant Education Program

What parents are saying...

“Mary Lynne was such a big support to my family and me. With her help and guidance, I was able to show up as the mom I want to be. Before working with Mary Lynne, I was impatient with my kids and took everything personally. Now, I can be in a calm space, be more patient with myself and others, and be of support to my kids.”

- Laura, parent

“Before working with Mary Lynne, our family environment was tense, fraught with criticism, and very noisy and busy. Since working with Mary Lynne, it’s now calm, loving, accepting, and full of laughter. Music, not noise.”

- Krista, parent

“I didn’t know what to expect but hoped that we would have a more open and accepting relationship as a family. We got so much more than what I hoped for... Acceptance Extraordinaire!” 

- Steve, parent

“I learned ways to prevent my child from shutting down.” 
– Karen, parent

“Lots of good information and practical tips.” 
– Anthony, parent

From Frustration to Fun (1).png

Leverage your Parent Power. Build Self-Confidence. 

Ignite Family Connection. Have Fun Again.


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