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Lead your own Book Club

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What teenagers are saying...

“Mary Lynne has powerful insight into not just navigating but excelling in life. Through working with her and reading her book, tangible changes in your life can be made. The Warrior Teenager is not just for teenagers; it is a wonderful book with excellent tips to apply to your life right away. Whether you are 15 or 55 this book has something for you!"
– Lauren, 19

“Mary Lynne helped me see myself for who I really am. 

She helped me improve my self-esteem. Thank you!

– Maggie, 16

"This group was really inspirational. It opened my eyes and made me realize that it's okay to not be okay. I'm happy that someone decided to talk about depression and suicide. A lot of adults say it's just a phase and you'll get over it but it's really not. Thank you for talking about this."

- Lani, 14

"Mary Lynne taught us how to calm our mind and stay focused.

I will use these tools in school and life."

- Eli, 13

“I loved Mary Lynne’s positive attitude, she’s so creative and open on a personal level. My biggest takeaway from this group was that I now recognize my positive attributes. As a result, I will pursue my goals without a doubt.” 

– Evan, 15

Gather and lead your own book club

  • 6 Weeks of material

  • Each week contains guided questions and meditations

  • Free for everyone

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Lead your own Book Club

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